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Cherry Republic Sals- Variety

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Cherry Republic Salsa Varieties 3-packWhat’s not to love about cherries? Cherries have a rich taste and a rich history. The cherry is a delicious fruit and a healthy fruit snack. It was named after the Turkish city of Cerasus. It is said that cherry trees date back to 300 B.C. and originated near the Black and Caspian Seas. It’s season begins in June and ends in July. But lucky for you, you can have cherries anytime of year.

Now, there are different kinds of cherries but the most known cherry types are; Adriana, Angela, Alba heart, Bing, Christalina, Chelan, Lapin, Lambert, Rainers, Skeena, Santina and Van. The most popular of sweet cherries is Bing cherry. Cherry jam or cherry pies are made from sour cherries. The Michigan state produces seventy five percent of the total cherry production of U.S.A! Cherry Republic Salsas are made mostly with tart cherries.

The tart cherry has no scarcity of health benefits. It contains several nutrients: Vitamin-A, Vitamin-C, Bioflavonoid, Anthocynin, Perillyl, Melatomin and Elagic acid. Cherries have the sam level of antioxidants as the all powerful blueberry. In fact, these cherry republic salsas lean on some other fruits for a sweet and sour tang, like peaches.

No matter which flavor you try though, each one is loaded with cherries which are often the second ingredient. So, next time you grab a handful of tortilla chips, you could be getting a boost of antioxidants too.

Cherry Republic Salsa Varieties 3-pack

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