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Chez Panisse Fruit

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Chez Panisse FruitChez Paantioxidant-fruits.comsse Fruit is the latest addition to the cookbook series authored by Chef Alice Waters with the jacket design and illustrations by Patricia Curtan. Filled with scrumotious recipes, this cookbook shines the spotlight on different fruits like apricots, boysenberries, citron, currants, dates, figs and huckleberries. Recipes like Kiwifruit Sherbet, Endive and Kumquat Salad, Sicilian Loquat Compote and Persimmon Cookies are just some of the wonderful ones.

This fruit book goes over and beyond in providing different kinds of recipes that you can use for any meal or course. Chez Panisse Fruit presents the recipes per fruit from Apples to Strawberries. There are traditional recipes, easy ones as well as original recipes you just might love.

Waters gives useful essays for each fruit that can also guide you in choosing fruit, how to store them and how to use them. An advocate for local fruit, Chez Paantioxidant-fruits.comsse Fruit allows you to create something delicious without the difficulty of finding ingredients.

Chez Paantioxidant-fruits.comsse Fruit sells on for $23.07 and is eligible for’s Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.

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