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Chico or Sapodilla, Which Is It?

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Fresh Sapodilla (Nispero) 3lbMany people are not familiar with the Chico or Sapodilla fruit but this could merely be due to the fact that it goes by so many different names depending on what country you’re in. For example, it goes by “Chico” and “Tsiko” in the Philippines, “Sawo Nilo” in Malaysia and Indonesia, “Chikoo” in India and Pakistan, “Sapoti” in Brazil and Haiti, and “Sapote” in Mexico, Hawaii, and from southern California down to Florida. As you can see, the plant of the fruit can be found in many places under many names.

Originally, the Chico fruit came from Mexico and the West Indies. It has been spread so thoroughly across Southeast Asia due to the Spaniards bringing it with them on their conquests. This is why you see the plant stretching from India to the Philippines.

So what exactly does the Chico fruit taste like and what does it provide? Well, one very important thing to keep in mind about this fruit is that it is very sweet and its soft outside resembles a malty taste. Due to its high sugar content, individuals with diabetes should refrain from indulging with it. Outside of this, the Chico is known to be an energy fruit. It contains Vitamins A, B-complex, and C. Some minerals found in it are iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, seleantioxidant-fruits.comum, copper, and zinc. This combination of vitamins and minerals makes for a delicious and healthy snack. Fans of the fruit particularly like to turn it into a sherbet, jam, or syrup.

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