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Choosing Acai Berry Juice

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The superfruit acai has been popularized in the United States and Europe after long-time use by peoples of South America where the berry grows naturally.  Acai juice benefits are extensive because of the nutritional value of the berries; acai offers increased energy and focus, stronger bones and muscles, improved circulation, better sleep and digestion, and it even fights cancer!

The juice of mature, dark-violet acai berries is harvested for its nutritional value, but consumers must take care when they buy acai juice to make sure the product actually contains significant amounts of acai; the fruit should rank highly on the list of ingredients. When considering where to buy acai, the consumer should also consider whether or not the product is certified as organic so that they are satisfied with the quality.

To make acai juice from freeze-dried pulp ordered from an online source, simply strain juice from the pulp by pressing it into a strainer.  The juice can be immediately drunk or diluted with water or another juice. Buying acai powder requires only mixing with the appropriate amount of water or juice.  The health benefits from acai powder are still considerable though the powder is usually ground from the skin of the fruit rather than the pulp. Both produce a high antioxidant fruit juice, and both make delicious acai smoothies.  Try this strawberry acai smoothie for breakfast or a snack.  Check out other chilly acai recipes.


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