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Cityscape Farms

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Cityscape FarmsCityscape Farms is an urban agricultural company and its driving principle is its commitment to urban farming.  The love for homegrown fruits and vegetables is the legacy handed down from generation to generation that drives the heart of the company. Currently it uses the techantioxidant-fruits.comque known as hydroponics, a soilless farming method to directly cater to the sustenance and needs of the population leaving in the nearby urban areas.

By closely monitoring the critical level of agricultural supply and demand, Cityscape Farms could verily answer the needs of city dwellers through rooftop farming with a yield of ample products packed with all the freshness and nutrients in less time, less use of water and less use of land or no soil at all. Cityscape Farms is also venturing to combine fish cultivation known as Aquapoantioxidant-fruits.comcs, with hydroponics complimenting each other’s effective production through recycling fertilizer employment from fish feeds to plant nutrients.

Cityscape Farms encourages partnership with the local population residing in cities to lease their rooftops to the company employing the greenhouse system to create their own fruit farms.

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