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Clear Fruit Juice Vs Cloudy Fruit Juice

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Clear Fruit Juice Vs Cloudy Fruit JuiceFruit juice is good for you but not all bottled fruit juices are created equal. Studies have shown that cloudy fruit juice has more antioxidants that clear fruit juice.

With more fiber in the juice, cloudy fruit juices also controls the blood sugar levels to rise slower than clear fruit juice.

GMO enzymes are genetically engineered enzymes that are used to transform fruit juices from cloudy to a clearer state. However, during this process, the GMO enzymes also removes a portion of the antioxidant quality, flavor and original fruit taste of the fruit juice.

If you’re wondering how come fruit product manufacturers do not have GMO enzymes on labels of products, this is because they are processing aids that will not be present in the fruit juice after the clarification process is done.

However, the final choice is still up to the consumers. There are fruit juices that are cloudy and clear. Which do you prefer? Share your answers by leaving us a comment here or share them on Facebook.

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