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Danielle Crispy Veggie Chips

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Danielle Crispy Veggie ChipsIn 1996, somewhere in a farm in Northern Thailand, Danielle started her own brand and introduced to the local market an array of Danielle Crispy Veggie Chips which was easily loved, savored and enjoyed by the public.

Danielle used the vacuum frying method in which handpicked fruits like mango or banana are grown and nourished to perfection. Then they are sliced to pieces and cooked in a vacuum chamber. While in the chamber, the fruits are sprayed by distilled fine mist of heated non-hydrogenated palm oil under low pressure and high temperature. The cooking process retains the nutrients, pureness and tasty flavor of the fruits.

Within a span of thirteen years, Danielle Market Fruit and Veggies has gained favor and popularity in the local market and internationally as well. In 2009, it has earned the Sofi Awards (Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation) from the National Association for Specialty Food Trade, in Boston, Massachusettes.

Danielle offers 11 crispy veggie chips with flavors like roasted coconut, golden durian, sweet jackfruit and tangy pineapple.

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