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Delicious Aronia Berry Products

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Aroantioxidant-fruits.coma berries can be used in the production of foods and juices, and were also traditionally used by Native Americans in the production of dye. Modern aronia berry products include jams, jellies, fresh-frozen whole aronia berries, extracts of aronia berries, combination products of extracts of aronia berries with extracts of other antioxidant fruits, juices (cold-pressed and otherwise), wines, yogurts, and candies (to name just a few of the products that can be made from this surprisingly versatile antioxidant fruit). Recipes abound for the use of aronia berries in making all sorts of food products, including bread, jam/sauce and wine (for good examples, check out our aronia berry recipes section).

Aronia berries and other aronia berry products can be purchased at a number of locations on the worldwide web, including the ever-popular Amazon. As one example of the wide range of Aronia berry products available on Amazon, consider Superberries’ packages of 32 ounce fresh-frozen Aroantioxidant-fruits.coma berries. This product costs $19.95 and has received generally favorable reviews. To quote one reviewer: “Happy to say that I have been consuming Aronia frozen berries and Aronia concentrate by ‘Superberries’ for almost 18 months now and I would not ever be without it.” That’s a satisfied customer!

Another great resource for aronia berry products is Blazer Farmz. Among other products offered at this latter site, the 100% pure aroantioxidant-fruits.coma berry juice produced using, in the company’s own words, “a cold[-]pressed, non-clarified, non-pasteurized process” is a good choice for those wanting to explore the benefits of aronia berries without the time investment of personally preparing them for consumption.

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