Different Types Of Cherries

Cherries are one of today’s “super fruits”, and do you know that such super fruits are of thousands in types?┬áThere are almost 54 Prunus species that bear the common name cherry. The most common of these comes from the Prunus avium (commonly known as the sweet cherry) and Prunus cerasus (as the sour cherry) – both commonly used in cooking.

A wide range of the wild cherry comes through most of Europe, western Asia, and parts of the northern Africa. Most cherries usually have a very short growing season and grow in most temperate latitudes. In North America, cherries begin to grow in the month of June (appears to be the first three fruits to ripen) and can be found in the valleys of Okanagan.

The most popular among the sweet cherries are the Bing, Lambert, King, Brooks, Rainier and Tulare. On the other hand, the most common in the group of sour cherries are the Montgomery, Nanking and Evans.

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