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Dried Fruit Bars

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Dried fruit bars are an excellent snack for all occasions.  This sensible snacks can serve as a quick breakfast or lunch, as an after dinner snack, and as an anytime treat.  The best part is you can custom make your own dried fruit bars in less than an hour.  Dried fruit is readily available at most supermarkets or can be created at home with a dehydrator.  Simple choose the fruit or fruits you want and a dried fruit bar can be created.

The easiest way to form a base for dried fruit bars is with oatmeal cookie mix.  There are a couple ways to utilize this premade mix.  As the fruit is already dried, if you wish to mix it into the original batter so that fruit is distributed, first soak the dried fruit in a bit of clear soda or water for a few minutes.  This just ensures that the dried fruit will not get too hard during cooking. Then follow the recipe on the cookie box and mix the drained dried fruit into the mix.  Spread it into a brownie pan, about an inch thick and cook based on directions for the cookies.  The other alternative is to not soak the dried fruit and place it on top of the cookies sheet about seven minutes prior to completion.  After cooling, cut the dried fruit bars and serve.

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