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Eat Local Fruit.

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Eat Local Fruit.

What is the benefit of eating local fruit? Local fruit and vegetables are fresh and this improves the nutritional value of the food we consume.

Local fruit and vegetable delivery is done in less than twenty four hours and they are tastier and healthier due to this.

Eating produce from local fruit farms not just benefits the local economy but also helps the environment. Fruits which we eat from the local farm do not have to travel long distances and this helps save fuel, As fuel consumption reduces, so does pollution, which is extremely beneficial for the environment.

You can get to eat seasonal fruits at affordable rates. The taste of the fruits is also great. The variety of fruits and vegetables, which are available in the local markets, is much more than those in the supermarkets.

Food that travels over a long period of time is preserved with chemicals, to keep them fresh and healthy. These chemicals, when consumed over a period of time could cause health problems.

Fruits and vegetables grown in local farms need not use preservatives to keep them fresh and you get to eat fruit, which is free from any harmful chemical.

Locally grown fruits and vegetables are plucked only when they are fully ripe. They stay longer in the tree and plants and get extra nutrition. Due to this, we can eat fruits and vegetables, which are extremely nutritious.

Contamination of fruits and vegetables is prevented as their exposure to the harmful effects of travel is very limited.

Do you buy local fruit?  Where do you buy it?  Are you a local fruit supplier – tell us about yourself by leaving a comment below!

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