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Eating Citrus Fruits to Fight Anemia

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How do you fix grave iron deficiencies (anemia)?

Uses of OrangesOur bodies need iron to carry out necessary activities on a cellular level. When there is not enough iron in the body to carry the oxygen around to the different systems, this condition is called anemia. Eating certain Vitamins along with iron can help the body use more of the iron.

Many people know that the Vitamin C in fruits benefits their bodies by boosting their immune system. Vitamin C is present in citrus fruits in high quantities, making them perfect for absorbing a decent amount of iron from a meal.

The Vitamin C works by attaching itself to the iron and making the iron more stable, which ensures that the iron will make it into the intestines where it will be carried through the intestinal wall and used by the body for repairing cells.

Make use of the benefits of Vitamin C by eating a piece of citrus fruit with a meal or using  a fruit sauce to pair with your meat. Who knew that combinations like cranberry sauce with turkey, orange or lemon with salmon and a cherry glaze for lamb were actually beneficial to you health?

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