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Eden Organic Tart Cherry Juice – Product Review

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Eden Organic Tart Cherry Juice in glass

Eden Organic Tart Cherry Juice in glass

When Eden Foods sent us a box of goodies, included was their Eden Orgaantioxidant-fruits.comc Tart Cherry Juice.  Yummers.  Makes my mouth water right now just thinking about the cool, crisp taste of it and makes me pucker my lips a bit too!

I love that this cherry juice is great for so many folks because:

  • it’s low fat
  • it’s wheat free
  • it’s gluten free
  • it’s got big bad antioxidants
  • it’s very low in sodium
  • it’s kosher
  • it’s vegan, woot! woot!
Eden Foods Organic Tart Cherry Juice Nutrition Facts

Eden Foods Organic Tart Cherry Juice Nutrition Facts

There is nothing but 100 percent pure juice of Montmorency tart cherries which are grown on organic family orchards.

It’s not from concentrate and there are no additives.

You might know the Montmorency cherry as the ‘pie cherry’ or the ‘healing cherry’. The Montmorency cherry is a good source of potassium and is low in sodium.

It comes in an amber glass bottle to preserve it without having to use preservatives! Gotta love it!

You can buy this tart cherry juice on Eden Foods’ website for $9.46 for a 32-ounce bottle.

Have you tried this montmorency tart cherry juice?  How do you like it?

Here’s a short video I took during the review process:

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