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Elderberry Extracts

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Elderberries by Alaskapine

Elderberry Extracts
Sambuactin Elderberry Liquid Extract

Elderberry extracts are a great way to get the benefits of the elderberry.

The sambuactin elderberry liquid extract is probably best achieved through sambucol black elderberry syrup since the berry is very thick and has a molasses type consistency.

Benefits of the Berry’s Extracts

  • Treats Influenza A and B
  • Antioxidants, specifically, flavonoids, which stimulate the immune system
  • Anthocyanins (an anti-inflammatory effect) that relieve aches, pains and fever
  • Antiviral
  • Antibiotic
  • Antibacterial
  • Sooths upper respiratory problems
  • Diuretic, a natural intestinal cleanser
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • promotes circulation, kidney function and good lymphatic system health
  • High ORAC Value – twice as much as blueberries

Studies have reported that Elderberry fights Flu Symptoms. Another study reported that Elderberry prevents H1N1 infection in vitro. And yet another study shows that Black Elderberry extracts trump Tamiflu for Flu Remedy. Studies report that there are no side effects to taking the extracts, but if you are a person that has high allergy problems to fruits and berries, be sure to check with your doctor before proceeding with the extract.

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[...] The black elder, or sambucus nigra, is actually a very common shrub in Europe and eastern Asia that has been believed since ancient times to hold mystical medicinal qualities.  The dark purple berries of the black elder smell sweet but are rather tart and spicy in flavor.  Still, wines, jams, and syrups made from from elder berries are a European tradition continued today.  The fruit of the American elder, or sambucus Canadensis, has similar healing properties.  The popular flu drug Sambucol is made from the extract of elder berries.  Studies have shown that the medicine does indeed double flu recovery!  The elder has many benefits: [...]