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Elderberry Week – Basic Elderberry Information

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elderberriesIf you’ve been reading our site for awhile, then you may already know some basic elberberry information. Many companies have taken advantage of the said benefits of the elderberry tree and they have started to mass-produce it so that it becomes available to a greater number of people.

What exactly are the benefits of elderberry tea? It is said that the flowers from which the tea is made are rich in antioxidants that helps the body fight off free radicals, which can cause the damage or even death of cells in the body.

Aside from being an antioxidant that helps prevent certain diseases, elderberry tea also contains various vitamins and minerals including Vitamins A and C, B6 and calcium, to name a few. Fevers and painful joints may also be cured with the help of this beneficial drink, as what many Native Americans have proven over the years.

If you decide to make your very own elderberry tea from growing elderberry seeds fresh from your garden, be sure to follow a few guidelines. The most important of them all is to make sure that the berries you pick are already ripe. Although they come in very rare cases, elderberry poisoning can actually happen. When making your drink, you can boil dried flowers and drink them up or you could get the berries, take out the elderberry seeds and get the juice out. A person may drink a cup of elderberry tea up to three times every day.

Do you drink elderberry tea?  Do you make your own or do you have a favorite brand?

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