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Elderberry Week – How Do You Make Elderberry Wine?

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wineglassElderberry Week – How Do You Make Elderberry Wine?

You have probably heard of the elderberry tea, as it is said to provide a number of health benefits to its drinkers. However, did you know that it is possible to make elderberries into wine? Learantioxidant-fruits.comng how to make elderberry wine is quite simple and if you want to know step-by-step instructions, you might enjoy this book on Elderberry Wine: Elderberry Wine: Vintage 2001.

You can actually choose from among a number of recipes over the Internet just like elderberry fresh recipe wine to be mentioned here.

What do you do first? You have to take some berries, of course, and avoid the green ones because they are poisonous . Even the ripe ones can be toxic but that should be non-toxic once they are cooked.



Select good berries and place them in boiling water, which is added with sugar. Stir the mixture well until the sugar dissolves then place them in a bag to cool. Once that is done, you can mash the berries to let out all the juice. Next, add some sugar as well as wine yeast then stir and cover. Strain the liquid and place in a fermentation container and let it sit for about a week. Strain it out again and place in another container then let it sit for six more weeks. Pour the liquid in a bottle – they should be ready for consumption in six months!

Aside from becoming a great-tasting wine, the plant can also be made into the elderberry tincture which helps fight off certain illness like flu. However, they are more effective when paired with other herbal medicines.

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