Elderberry Week – How To Plant The Elderberry

Have you heard of the many health benefits that you can get from drinking elderberry tea? Elderberry is actually a native plant in the European and North American regions so planting elderberry and taking care of them should not be as hard as you think it is.

One of the many varieties of the tree that you can plant in your own backyard is the elderberry black beauty. However, you may want to heed some warantioxidant-fruits.comng: this variety can grow up to 10 meters and can take up much space in your garden as well. Many of those who have such elderberry trees say that there are not many plants surrounding their elderberry and this is perhaps because of its large root system. When it comes to the size of the plant, they can keep it down by regularly trimming them.

More often, growing the black beauty into an elderberry bush is much better than seeing it grow tall. A bush will be much easy to manage and take care and you do not have to climb up ladders just to be able to get its berries 10 meters above the ground. Now, you must remember that elderberry trees love swampy areas and they do not like places with poor drainage. It is recommended to have them planted during spring and they should be watered well during the first few months.

Do you grow elderberry plants?  Any tips to share with others?