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Ever Heard of a Choke Berry?

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The choke berry is also known as aronia berries.

The choke berry is also known as aronia berries.

Ever Heard of a Choke Berry?

Elderberry, boysenberry, huckleberry, and…choke berry? This off-beat fruit doesn’t just have an unusual name (as many berries do); it also merits recogantioxidant-fruits.comtion as one of the rare fruits and, of course, as a uniquely healthy fruit. The black chokeberry is especially full of antioxidants. This super-fruit that is abundant in the United States. Choke berries are known for their bitter, or “choking,” flavor that must be tempered by other sweet and savory ingredients when eaten. They are otherwise known as aronia berries.

The juice of a choke berry is such a dark, saturated purple that has been used in inks and dyes as well as for healing purposes by Native Americans. In spite of a dissuasive name, choke berries have extensive health benefits as they are packed with vitamins and minerals. Like many berries, chokeberries are most enjoyable when blended with sweeter fruits. Mixing with apple juice for a more enticing flavored drink can alleviate the sour taste of the berries.

Black choke berries should be used for optimum antioxidant intake, though the juice of other aronia berries (such as the red choke berry) taste similar. Substitute aronia berries for cranberries or blueberries in common recipes for muffins, scones, or other pastries for a unique treat.  Use all three – why not?

Want more choke berry?  You can buy the plant online, Black Aroantioxidant-fruits.coma Berry (Chokeberry) Plant, Hefty 30-40 Inch.  Or simply get the berry in the form of a gel cap – Chokeberry Extract Aroantioxidant-fruits.coma Melanocarpa 150 Mg 60 Caps or buy it in a variety of ways through Superberries, a company that makes Aroantioxidant-fruits.coma Berry products.

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