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Example Product Review

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Here is an example product review of MonaVie: received a request to review MonaVie’s Original Blend Juice.

Another product with the renowned açaí berry? There are many out there. Especially since the berry has been featured on Oprah as the world’s No. 1 super-food (after all, it is known to contain antioxidants, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids (Omega 3), amino acids, vitamins and minerals, complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber and trace minerals just to name a few), and seems to be popping up all over the place, like in Häagen-Dazs ReserveTM’s new Brazilian Açaí Berry Sorbet.

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MonaVie, a company out of Salt Lake City, Utah, that makes a special blend of 19 different fruits and berries, including the açaí berry.

MonaVie has studied the benefits of açaí berries and refined the production of their juice to get the maximum benefit from this exotic berry. MonaVie’s juice production is a three step process: 1) Harvesting, 2) Processing and 3) Formulation and Bottling. The MonaVie juice process begins with the harvesting of the berry deep in the Brazilian Amazon—removing only the berries and leaving the tree for future harvesting and safeguarding the rainforest. Since the açaí berry is a delicate fruit, much of its vitamins and nutrients can be lost within 24 hours after harvesting. MonaVie takes special care to freeze the berry, and then reduces the berry into a fine freeze dried powder—this process by MonaVie which is patent pending is called OptiACAITM.

It is through this patent pending technique that MonaVie is able to capture the amazing benefits that only the fresh açaí berry can offer, something no other product can match. For bottling, MonaVie uses flash pasteurization rather than kettle pasteurization; therefore capturing the fresh flavors, vibrant colors and dense nutrient content of the juice blend.
While the açaí berry is the gemstone of the MonaVie blend, MonaVie also features 18 other super fruits selected for their distinctive and beneficial properties. Recognizable fruits such as apricot, banana, blueberry, cranberry, kiwi, pear, pomegranate, prune, purple grapes, and white grapes, all contribute to the unique blend of nutrients, minerals, and anti-oxidants of MonaVie.

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A single serving of MonaVie provides vitamin C, iron, potassium, dietary fiber, electrolytes (essential for maintaining fluid levels and preventing dehydration), calcium, phosphorus, folate, polyphenols, tannins, anthocyanins, antioxidants vitamin A, folic acid, plant Phytochemicals, flavonoids (which are phytonutrients), resveratrol, saponins, and pterostilbene (a powerful antioxidant).

What really makes MonaVie’s unique blend stand out, however, is the more exotic and less known fruits the accentuate the power of the açaí berry: acerola cherry, aronia, bilberry, camu camu, lychee, nashi pears (Asian Pears), passion fruit, and Wolfberry (Goji).

Acerola cherry from Brazil is used for its high content of vitamin C. Aronia, a native American bush, has been reported to contain antioxidants, polyphenols, minerals and vitamins and very high levels (over five times greater than those found in cranberries) of anthocyanins and flavonoids.

Bilberry’s strong antioxidant composition makes it an excellent free radical scavenger, which helps counteract cell damage that leads to premature aging and disease. Bilberries have been used in the treatment of menstrual cramps, alleviating ulcers, varicose veins and angina. The flavonoids found in bilberries thin the blood and prevent fragility of the capillaries.

Camu-camu found throughout the Amazon has the highest recorded amount of natural vitamin C known on the planet. It is a significant source of potassium and has a full complement of minerals and amino acids that can aid in the absorption of vitamin C.

Lychee, originating in South China, is a very good source of Vitamin C, riboflavin, potassium and copper.

Nashi pears (Asian Pears), originating in East Asia, are a great source of dietary fiber, and also are very high in potassium and other essential minerals. Native to Brazil, Passion Fruit is a good source of vitamins A and C, as well as potassium and iron.

Lastly, the the Wolfberry (Goji), native of China, contains 19 types of amino acids and 21 trace minerals. It has more beta-carotene than carrots and nearly as much Vitamin C as oranges and protein as bee pollen.

MonaVie brings together all these 19 fruits together in one drink to create an awesomely powerful blend of essential daily vitamins and minerals. These 19 fruits are extremely rich in antioxidants among other essential elements. These strong antioxidants go to battle against free-radical molecules that invade the body, helping to combat premature aging and even help prevent many serious diseases.

While MonaVie is in the process of doing several studies on the benefits of the drink, the company will not release any results until all are confirmed. However, one does not have to look far to find many testimonials from consumers, stating that the drink has helped them with joint issues, lowered their cholesterol, build up their immune system and much more.
MonaVie offers three versions of the MonaVie product: MonaVie Original (the original blend of the 19 fruits), MonaVie Active (the original blend of the 19 fruits plus the additional benefits of glucosamine and esterified fatty acids to help maintain healthy joint function) and MonaVie Gel (a on-the-go gel with all the benefits of M Original—great for travelers, marathon runners, tri-athletes and the like). evaluated the MonaVie Active blend. It has a tart taste, but a very tasty one at that. It tastes like a berry blend – blueberries mostly. You only take about 2-4 ounces/day, so there isn’t much to test. However, I was impressed with the energy I received after taking it.

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