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Fat Fighting Antioxidants

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Blueberry Farms

Antioxidants which are found in abundance in almost all fruits but which are particularly abounding in berries such as strawberries, blueberries and many others have been found to reduce fat in trials involving mice according to a news report. These tests show that fat cells are effective in reducing fat and also help the heart.

In the test antioxidants known as flavonoids and phenolic acids showed to be beneficial in acting on fat cells. The results showed that these did not actually kill the fat cells, however they did cause the cells to reduce their production of triglycerides which are harmful to the heart.

More research is needed about high antioxidant fruits but the possibilities are astounding. If it is found that the same results can be obtained in humans, a very big door will be opened for the treatment of those overweight. Imagine if one could lose weight and maintain a healthy heart simply by taking in a required daily amount a fruit or berries rich in antioxidants. Imagine also if these fruits and berries were tasty and a pleasure to eat.

This study should be followed and monitored as it may show a great breakthrough in how to maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle. Also, learn which fruits are good antioxidants. Why wait? It would be wise to start this type of diet full of antioxidant rich fruit, regardless.

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