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Fiber for Health and Well-Being

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Fiber for Health and Well-BeingFiber for Health and Well-Being

Known to be the miracle behind regulating your bowel movement, fiber is a carbohydrate that your body does not absorb. Also called roughage, fiber is often found in brown rice, beans, whole wheat and of course, fruits and vegetables.

Studies have shown that most people only get half the amount of the required fiber content on a daily basis. That’s about 15 grams only. For men 51 years old and above, daily fiber intake  should be at least 30 grams. For women of the same age, 21 grams of fiber should be taken. As for 50 years old and younger, men should have at least 38 grams of fiber in a day and 25 grams of fiber for women.

Fiber is known to decrease the risk of getting heart attacks. It is also a good buffer against diabetes. For further studies, colon cancer might as well be prevented since people who eat fiber daily also tend to avoid foods high is saturated fats. Fiber remains the champion against irritable bowel syndrome and weight loss.

Fruits are one of the best sources of fiber that offers you many choices. Pick one and get your fiber daily!

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