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Fight Stress with Acerola

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Fight Stress with AcerolaFight Stress with Acerola

Stress is one of the leading causes of ailments and to live longer, more and more people are advised to de-stress their lives. How do you do this? One proven advice is to include the acerola in your diet.

Found in North America, South America and in the Caribbean, the Acerola is a fruit super high in Vitamin C and other nutrients. It has antioxidants that fights off the harmful elements around or those that you might have in your system. Rich in polyphenols, iron, calcium and Vitamin A, the acerola berry helps on keeping your body from stressing out.

Stress is often caused by your environment and its effect on you. When you cannot manage the forces piling up on you, your body reacts to the weight and the result is stress. Throw in your emotional state, it can manifest itself by making you sick, tired or ill.

With acerola in your lifestyle, your body learns how to manage the stress it is under. It produces melatonin to help you sleep and de-stress. This berry goes by many names and can be mixed in with other fruits or eaten by itself.

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