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First Fruits Farm

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First Fruits FarmTo feed the hungry can be interpreted in many ways but in its literal sense, the First Fruits Farm does that to various commuantioxidant-fruits.comties like the Rock City church, Westminster Rescue Mission, Greater Grace World Outreach and different local food banks and shelters.

The First Fruits Farm can be found at 2025 Freeland Road, Freeland, Maryland, USA. With the help of volunteers, the 100-acre fruit picking farm harvested over 3.1 million pounds of fresh produce since 2004.

This Christian community farm produces 50 dozen eggs every week and other fruit and vegetables like potatoes, apples, sweet corn, tomatoes, turnips, spinach and more. This is a special pick your own fruit farm that does not let you keep the fruit you pick. Instead, your harvest will be shared to people in need of sustenance.

The First Fruits Farm believe that with your volunteer work, you are not only feeding the hungry, but you are also feeding your soul.

When was the last time you volunteered to help others? Share your story with us by leaving a comment below. You can also join our discussions on Facebook.

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