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Five-Star Fruits with Antioxidant Content

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Five-Star Fruits with Antioxidants5-Star Fruits with Antioxidant Content

More than getting your antioxidant content on a daily basis, fruits high in antioxidants also provides you added benefits which might just do the trick to help you with your skin, eyesight, joint pain and other bodily aches.

The trick is including not one but two or three of these fruits into your diet. You can interchange them like you can have bananas today and then apples tomorrow. Or maybe a few grapes for dessert instead of reaching out for sugar high cakes or pastries.

Here are five helpful fruits that we give five stars for their powerful benefits:

1. Prunes and Raisins – High in fiber, enhance the digestive system. Vitamin C is also present. Help prevent bad cholesterol (LDL) from becoming sticker and prevent them to form plaque.
2. Plum – Vitamin C content help prevents chronic diseases, heart disease and diabetes. Good for the eye sight and promotes better sleep.
3. Pomegranate – Reduces blood pressure and prevents viral infection. It has also contains anti-bacterial properties.
4. Acerola High in Vitamin C, enhance the immune system and metabolism of the body. It also aids to weight loss. Works against UTI.
5. Avocado – It is high in fiber. Lowers the effects of LDL and promotes HDL cholesterol level. It also contains Vitamin C.

Do you have a particular five-star fruit not included in the list? Leave us a comment about it.

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Boehm, Dr. med.

Sunday 14th of June 2015

Dear Sirs,

Aronia melanocarpa (this fruit, originated from New Hampshire / Edmonton) should be very helpful also.

Do you have scientific reports conc. Aronia ?

Sincerely, Dr. S. Boehm Internist of former East Germany