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Freeze Dried Apple Snacks – Great for Lunchboxes

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Freeze Dried Apple Snacks - Great for LunchboxesChildren need nutrients now more than ever to fight off toxins in the environment. To make sure that your kids get enough vitamins and minerals, try adding freeze dried apple snacks to their lunchboxes.

Apples are known to be a great source of vitamin C. Aside from its crispy and juicy goodness, apples are one of the favorite fruit kids just love to eat. Dried fruit snacks are good alternatives if you don’t have fresh apples. The dried apple slices retain its nutritional value after the freeze drying process. They keep your children healthy and taste good as well.

Aside from freeze dried snacks, you can also add a whole wheat sandwich, yogurt to go with your packed lunch, some raisins and cereal mix for munching and whole grain crackers. You can even add a special note with a piece of candy or chocolate.

Local markets and neighboring fruit farms sell dried fruit but you can also buy freeze dried apple snacks online.

We would love to know your ideas on what items can make lunchboxes irresistible to kids. Leave us a comment below or on Facebook.

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