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Freeze Dried Bananas

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Freeze dried, frozen, organic, dried, organic dried, all these terms refer to different ways that fruit can be prepared.  While fresh is always desirable, it is not always possible.  By keeping dried fruit in the house you will always ensure that a healthy taste filled treat can be
made or is available. One easy way to convince your children in eat more fruit
is by adding it to other items.  Slice up freeze dried bananas in vanilla ice cream for a favorite treat.  Add organic freeze dried strawberries to pancakes or oatmeal in the mornings for a steamy and healthy breakfast.  Frozen dried fruits can also be used in smoothies and milkshakes for extra flavor and texture.

Dried fruit keep well and can be frozen in an air tight container if desired.  Use dried fruit
mixed into homemade waffles or to add flavor to a plain sheet cake.  Allow children to help in the kitchen and see what fruit combinations they can conceive. Strawberries and bananas are great, as are apples and oranges.  If mixed dried fruits are available, toss in a handful of the mix to add lots of flavor impact. The key is to have fun while creating a special treat.

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