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Freeze Drying Fruits for Outdoor Hiking

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Freeze Drying Fruits for Outdoor HikingFreeze Drying Fruits for Outdoor Hiking

Hiking and camping are great outdoor activities to keep you healthy and fit. The fresh air, much needed exercise and nature’s wonderful view are only some of the perks of engaging into these activities. It can also give you time for family bonding or a solitary retreat from the modern world.

One of the bare essentials you should have when hiking are healthy snacks fruit chips or tidbits. Carrying real fruit is also an option but it is heavier than freeze drying fruits that are packed in resealable containers.

If you prefer all natural chips, there are products like Brothers All Natural crisps. These are potato slices that underwent the freeze drying process which vacuums the water content from the slices. They are fat-free and has no additives or sugar. It also does not have any traces of oil or grease.

There are many freeze dry fruits to choose from when you buy online. Apples, pineapples, mangoes, bananas, berries and peaches are only some of the fruits that are freeze dried and packed.

What’s your favorite dried snack to bring outdoors? Share your answers on Facebook or leave us a comment below.

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