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Frozen Dried Fruit Snacks

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Frozen Dried Fruit SnacksNot everyone likes eating fresh fruit. Some find it messy to have juice and pulp dripping on their hands and on their clothes, others find it taxing to peel off the skin of the fruit while others prefer sliced fruit. Other people also prefer frozen dried fruit snacks.

Freeze drying fruits is a method used by fruit product manufacturers to preserve the nutrients and taste of fresh fruit. Also known as cryodesiccation, the process involves a combination of freezing and sublimation. The fruit is frozen and the frozen juice or liquid portion in the fruit turns to gas by applying low pressure and heat in a controlled environment.

The history of freeze drying goes back to World War II. Its purpose was to make medicines in vials be placed in a stable environment that would not alter its state and thus avoid spoilage before it arrived to its destination without the need for refrigeration during the journey.

When you want a healthy fruit snack in an instant you can get a pack of dried fruit in the supermarket or buy frozen dried fruits online.

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