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Fruit Cake Recipe

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The Quest for Delicious Fruit Cake Recipes

Fruit Cake RecipeThe fruitcake, a holiday staple that has become a butt of jokes over the years, will be once again making its annual appearance into everybody’s pantry this season. After being just freezer decoration for quite a long time now, it’s high time this traditional holiday staple gets its own makeover. You won’t believe how a few tweaks on the age-old recipe can transform this misunderstood treat into something everyone can enjoy.

Here are some recipes that may actually change your view about the fruitcake:

Alton Brown’s Free Range Fruitcake
This easy fruit cake recipe from the Food Network has made some iteration on the basic ingredients but kept the preparation easy and simple to do. With a non-traditional approach, the cake in this recipe is meticulously prepared with just the amount of zest and brandy to keep the cake moist. Check out the complete ingredients with the preparation via link below:

Mrs. Mackinnon’s Christmas fruitcake recipe
Another excellent Christmas fruitcake recipe that can wow everyone is reportedly ancient Scottish in origin. With a distinct orangey scent and dark color, the resulting taste of this cake will make lasting impressions. While the ingredients may come to be a little costly and preparation a bit more complicated, the product will definitely be worth it. Be sure to check the key ingredients and

The world’s best fruitcake
This next recipe, aside from a having a very confident name also makes a pretty bold claim: “Everyone who hates fruitcake likes this and everyone who likes fruitcake LOVES this.” With coconuts and condensed milk as added ingredients, the recipe is sure to be a hit for those with sweet tooth. Those who have tried doing it for themselves seems to sing the same praises for the cake as well. The author encourages the reader to follow the steps exactly as posted to get the best results.

The Easy Apple Fruitcake
If you are looking for an easy fruitcake recipe, here’s one that takes about a few minutes to prepare and about an hour and 20 minutes to bake. The special ingredient here is the apple that keeps the cake from being dry. You may also customize the design and decorate as you want it.

Be sure to try any of the above to surprise some fruitcake non-believers out there. This time, if you are to give someone fruitcake as a gift, encourage that person to have a quick bite first before they even try storing it in a basement.

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