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Fruit Farms in California

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Fruit Farms in CaliforniaFamilies almost always run fruit farms in California. It seems that they imbibe the true spirit that reigns over farming. Solidarity, sharing and fun. It’s almost a guarantee that every fruit farm has several activities lined up for its visitors to ensure that their visit will be unforgettable and will make them come back for more.

U pick farms are one of those fruit farms where you can go out and harvest fresh fruits to your liking. This kind of activity is also coupled with other fun things to do on a fruit farm like mazes, trail rides, petting zoos and even wine tasting.

There are many fruit picking farms in the state known as the “Golden State”. These fruit farms carry a variety of fruit like apples, nectarines, raspberries, citrus, peaches, pears, avocados, apricots, strawberries, watermelons, cherries and more. Aside from the fruit, you can also pick up apple cider, fruit sauces, fruit jams and pies.

Where are your favorite fruit farms in California? What makes them stand out from the other fruit farms in the area? Share us your answers on Facebook or leave us a comment below.

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