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Awesome Fruit Hammock Options

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Fruit hammocks and hanging baskets are a great way to store your fruits if you don’t want a fruit bowl cluttering up your counter space.

They look really cute, and can be hung in different places around your kitchen to make clever use of the space while keeping your fruits nice and secure. They’re the perfect addition for your home, but also if you’re trying to save space in an RV kitchen, camper van or other smaller space.

It’s also possible that a fruit hammock can keep your food fresher. Instead of being sat on a flat surface, the whole of the fruit is gently suspended and gets good air flow, which can help to ripen fruits and keep them ready to eat for longer.

Here are some great fruit hammock options for you to try.

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Under Cabinet Fruit Basket Ideas:

An under-cabinet fruit hammock is one of the best ways to keep your fruit safe and tucked away from your countertop space. All you need to do is hang them from the underside of your kitchen cabinet.

You can do this using hooks for the corner of the hammocks, or combine hooks and a dowel rod at each end for a more even hang. If you don’t want to screw anything into your cabinets, just use command hooks. They can be stuck to the cabinet or the wall underneath and removed easily in future.

Macrame Fruit Hammock

Macrame Fruit hammock for the counter top.

This original macrame fruit hammock looks great and is available in a wide range of colors, so it’s easy to find one that’ll match your décor. The macrame technique always adds a really homely touch to a kitchen, and it cuts down on having bulky plastic or glass bowls taking up too much space.

Large Macrame Fruit Hammock

Under the counter fruit hammock

If you like to store a lot of fruit, you’ll want a macrame fruit hammock that is hung from wooden dowels. This gives a larger surface, and is better if you stock up on a mix of fruits including bananas. Round fruits will still sit snug in the macrame gaps, so you don’t need to worry about fruits escaping.

Hanging Fruit Baskets on Etsy:

An alternative to the hammock is the fruit hanging basket. Instead of putting these under a cabinet or counter, you can hang them on the wall or even the ceiling. They’re great if you like to have a lot of fruit available, as they offer a lot more space than a flat hammock. You often only need one hook to hang them too.

Macrame Hanging Basket

Kitchen wall storage Vegetable bag

As you can tell, macrame is a really popular option for fruit baskets and hammocks. This basket has a wide opening to make it easy to grab what you need, but it’s deep so can hold a large variety of fruits, or it’s great for potatoes and other veggies too.

Cotton Rope Hanging Fruit Basket

Rope hanging basket

This natural-finish cotton hanging basket has three tiers, which doesn’t just look great but also means you can organize your fruit too – no throwing it all together in a mixed hammock pile. You could even use it for different healthy foods – add fruits to two of the tiers and vegetables to another.

Making Your Own Fruit Hammock:

If you enjoy crafts then making your own fruit hammock is a rewarding tasks. You can easily find patterns online to follow, and you can tweak it to create the perfect hammock for your own tastes. Even if you’ve never tried it before, these cheap options for a crochet pattern are simple to follow, and you might just find a new hobby.

Hanover Hammock Pattern

Make your own fruit hammock

This pattern for a crocheted mini hammock is lacy and delicate, and is best made with cotton yarn. It’s a smaller pattern that’ll hold a few pieces of fruit but you can scale it if you want something to stock the whole family’s healthy snacks.

Banana Hammock Pattern

banana hammock pattern PDF

Love bananas and the health benefits they provide? Then why not crochet your own banana hammock that is shaped and styled to look like a banana? It’s designed to be used with yellow and brown yarn but you can vary the color if you prefer, and the easy step-by-step guide is designed for beginner crochet artists.

Other Uses for a Fruit Hammock:

While these products are normally sold as fruit hammocks, there are other things you can use them for. A veggie hammock has the same benefits of keeping your fresh food edible for longer, and if you buy organic items with stalks left on then you’ll get a lovely, colorful farm-fresh addition to your kitchen.

If you’re reading this in Europe then a hammock also makes the perfect way to store eggs. Eggs in the US go through a different preparation process, having a protective film washed off them, and so need to be refrigerated, but in countries where eggs aren’t washed they are safe to store at room temperature.

If you’re more interested in kitchen décor than keeping food fresh, why not add some faux produce? Plastic fruits and veg, if you don’t buy cheap ones, can brighten up a farmhouse style kitchen.

Do you have a fruit hammock, and if not are you tempted? What sort of kitchen storage do you use for your fruits at home? Leave a comment and let us know.

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