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Fruit In Your Window Boxes?

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Jerusalem Cherry 15 Seeds - Solanum - House PlantWith Spring weather here, you might be wondering when a good time is to start growing fruit.  Of course, that depends on where you live.  So it’s best to check with your local nursery as to when a great time is to plant your fruit trees or bushes.

Of course, if you live in an apartment or a small place in the city, one of the great ways to still have fresh tomatoes and berries is to grow them in window boxes on your patio, balcony or off your windows.

There are some advantages to growing fruit, veggies and herbs in window boxes:

  • Usually no slugs
  • Usually no rot
  • Quick access when you’re cooking!

You will want to pay attention to your window box water situation because it can quickly drain and dry out – since there isn’t a lot of earth under your window box, it’s hard for it to stay damp.  So just try to keep on top of it.

If you want to learn how to grow strawberries in a window box, check out this site: How To Grow Strawberries in Window Boxes

There are also great ways to learn how to grow different veggies, so that you have a salad waiting for you just outside your window – literally!  Just imagine not having to spend money to go to the store and being able to eat something that you’ve been growing all summer long – there isn’t much that is as rewarding as that!  Learn how to grow a garden outside of your window.

Whether you decide to grow strawberries, tomatoes or something else, you will want to buy their seeds now so that you can get them germinating.

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