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Fruit of the Philippines – Santol

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Fruit of the Philippines - SantolFruit of the Philippines – Santol

During summer, one of the fruit I love to eat is the Santol. Grown locally, it is also called kecapi in Malay, katon in Thai and faux mangoustaantioxidant-fruits.comer in French.

Sandoricum koetjape or Santol has 2 varieties, the yellow and the red. The ones that grow in the Philippines are the yellow ones. The santol tree can grow up to 150 feet. It’s branches are long and they give good shades.

To harvest this organic fruit snack, try using a long pole. The skin of the santol is quite tough and lumpy. You need to peel it off to get to the pulpy center with seeds.

Fruit of the Philippines - Santol

The pulp of the santol can vary from sour to sweet. It’s quite difficult to tell if it’s ripe or not. As for me, I try to squeeze the santol. If I can manage to do that, then there’s a chance that it’s ripe and sweet.

I don’t know if there are any dried fruit snacks made from the santol but we usually make it into candy or marmalade.

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