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Fruit Product Manufacturer: ALO Drink

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Fruit Product Manufacturer: ALO DrinkALO Drink is a line of beverage that has aloe vera as its main ingredient. You may ask, why aloe vera is a healthy snack?

Studies have shown that aside from being an effective antiseptic for cuts, burns and wounds, aloe vera is also full of other vitamins like Vitamin C and E. It also has minerals and enzymes, as well as amino acids and bacteria fighting agents.

There are 7 flavors you can choose from the ALO Drink line. There’s the original aloe drink named Exposed and aloe vera mixed with other ingredients.

Allure is flavored with mangosteen and mango, Awaken has wheatgrass, Elated leaves you refreshed with olive leaf and Enrich is mixed with pomegranate and cranberry. Enliven is rich with 12 fruits and vegetables and Appeal has grapefruit, pomelo and lemon.

You can also pair ALO Drink with your favorite dried fruit snacks or just drink it as is.

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