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Fruit Product Manufacturer: Amazing Grass

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Fruit Product Manufacturer: Amazing GrassFounded in 2002 by two co-workers, Amazing Grass uses wheat grass as its main ingredient for its products. Why wheat grass? Studies have shown that wheat grass is a source of energy and has detoxifying qualities that can help flush out toxins out of your body.

Wheat grass is also a natural source of antioxidants. These amazing greens can come in tablet and powder form. Harvested only once a year, the wheat grasses are cut and dried within an hour of harvest to preserve nutrients during the dehydration process. The final product is  sealed in an airtight heat induction container that’s filled with antioxidant-fruits.comtrogen.

Aside from Organic Wheat Grass, Amazing Grass combines alfalfa and barley grass with wheat grass and calls it the Amazing Trio for a healthy snack that’s triple-packed.

Amazing Grass also offers Energy Bars in four flavors, Green Superfood in seven variations, Kidz Superfood has chocolate and wild berry options and Amazing Meal Blends in four infusions.

Have you tried any of the Amazing Grass products? Which one is your favorite? Leave your answers below or share them on Facebook.

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