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Fruit Product Manufacturer: Bai

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Fruit Product Manufacturer: BaiCoffee has always been known to be a strong antioxidant but Ben Weiss, founder of Bai, made something more out of it. The coffee fruit that houses the coffee bean is actually a superfruit. As an antioxidant, the coffee fruit exceeds acai, pomegranates and blueberries with 4,000 ORAC. Unfortunately, because it is very delicate and easily perishible, growers discard them and simply use the coffee beans. With the latest technological advancements, Weiss found a way to use the antioxidant qualities of this superfruit and infused them into Bai antioxidant drinks.

Bai offers a variety of 8 flavors that are all delicious and healthy. They are Tanzania Strawberry, Congo Pear, Mango kauai, Costa Rica Clementine, Jamaica Blueberry, Sumatra Dragon Fruit, Kenya Peach and Panama Peach. All of these healthy antioxidant fruit drinks have the coffee fruit extract to enhance its nutritional value.

As an antioxidant energy drink, Bai makes each sip a refreshing moment that guarantees to quench your thirst. To keep calories low, Bai uses organic cane juice or organic Stevia to lightly sweeten the antioxidant fruit drink.

Have you tried any Bai coffee fruit infused health drinks? Share us your thoughts with us on Facebook or leave us a comment below.

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Saturday 24th of September 2011

Ok, I tried the blue berry. Perhaps yes it is a health drink and taste like one as well. Unless I had solid double blind clinical testing on this I do not thing I will be paying near 3$ a bottle again for the stuff since the flavor was underwelming. Ok, why was it underwelming simple it tasted like a tea drink with a bit of fruit flavor. Anyways I am sure other people probably like it. Best of luck on your business venture.