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Fruit Product Manufacturer: Crispy Green

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Fruit Product Manufacturer: Crispy GreenFounded in 2004, Crispy Green is a company with a vision of being a leader among dried fruit snacks. With the latest freeze-drying technology and innovative measures, it continues to adhere to its philosophy of making products, pure, tasty and wholesome.

Crispy Green has 5 fruits that are bestsellers, especially among kids. These are apples, pineapples, Asian pears, mangoes and bananas. Each bag has 40 calories with no additives, preservatives, fruit skins or cores.

Adding a creative twist to a healthy snack, Crispy Green came up with FruitziO, fruit that is freeze-dried with a bit of sugar cane. They come in flavors like apples & strawberries, apricots, strawberries, kiwi and peaches. Each bag contains 100 calories with zero fat and cholesterol.

They are all packed in triple layered poly bags that are lined with aluminum to seal in they crisp fruits and prevent moisture from settling in after a bag is opened. This also means a longer shelf life for the products.  You can check out their product line and also buy them online through

Tried one of the Crispy Green fruit snacks? How do you like them? Leave us a comment below or join us on our discussion on Facebook.

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