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Fruit Product Manufacturer: GoodBelly

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Fruit Product Manufacturer: GoodBellyNextFoods is the company behind GoodBelly Probiotic Juice Drink. Based in Boulder, Colorado, GoodBelly became the first probiotic juice drink with lactobacillus plantarum 299v in the Uantioxidant-fruits.comted States. With a mission to promote nutrition and develop more ways to provide good health to its consumers, GoodBelly is the dairy free alternative to yogurt.

The probiotic Lp299v promotes a healthy digestive system and boosts your immune system. With zero soy, GoodBelly is purely organic, Kosher certified and vegan. There are 7 flavors to choose from: Vanilla Chamomile, Pomegranate Blackberry, Lemon Ginger, Cranberry Watermelon, Strawberry, Mango and Blueberry Acai.

GoodBelly is offered in different sizes to match different needs. For the whole family, 32 oz.quarts are best. For an energy boost, 50 million probiotics are packed in the GoodBelly BigShot. For travel, bring To-Go Probiotic Powder packets to mix with water. For grab and go, try the GoodBelly Splash or GoodBelly Plus with 20 million probiotics plus 17 vitamins and minerals. Finally, GoodBelly for Kids with 10 million probiotics, vitamins and minerals.

You can buy their ToGo online through for just $12.50:

Say goodbye to bad bacteria in your stomach and intestines. GoodBelly functions to keep them at bay to keep you healthy and strong.

Which GoodBelly Probiotic Juice Drink have you tried? Share us your thoughts on them or follow our discussion on Facebook.

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