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Fruit Product Manufacturer: Just Tomatoes, Etc.!

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Fruit Product Manufacturer: Just Tomatoes, Etc.! Based in Westley, CA USA, Just Tomatoes, Etc.! served its first product, sliced dried tomatoes, 15 years ago. From its sunny Califorantioxidant-fruits.coma farms, come fresh fruits and vegetables that are dehydrated to perfection. With a tagline of “From the Heart of Nature”, Just Tomatoes, Etc.! provides organic and non-organic dried fruit snacks that are wonderfully prepared without any added preservatives, salt, fat, sweeteners and sulfur.

Although the fruit company started with just tomatoes, its product line branched out to include dried fruit like apples, bananas, different berries, mango, grapes, peaches, pineapples, persimmon and pomegranates. They also have dried veggies like corn, peas and soy nuts. The fruit selection also comes in powdered form which you can use to sprinkle on desserts or use as toppings on fruit recipes.  You can check out a lot of their products and purchase them on

A healthy snack goes a long way. Especially when you want to stay fit and in shape. Why not try munching on some of their products? If you have done this, let us know what you think about their the wide selection of dried fruits and vegetables. Leave a comment below or share your views with us on Facebook.

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