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Fruit Product Manufacturer: mberry

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Fruit Product Manufacturer: mberryWhen it comes to transforming taste, there’s nothing like mberry. Also known as the miracle berry, mberry  or Synsepalum dulcificum is a red berry that has miraculin, a glycoprotein that is also used as a  sugar substitute. The “miracle” happens when you eat the mberry tablets and then follow it up by eating or drinking something sour like lemons, the taste changes and from sour, it becomes sweet.

The miracle berry fruit cannot be easily obtained, making it quite pricey. However, with the advancement of technlogy, the benefits of the miracle berry can now be had in tablet form. mberry guarantees 100% natural miracle berry fruit pills made from superior quality berries that are hand-picked and carefully chosen.

Mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets 2 Packages of 10

Mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets 2 Packages of 10

The product line for mberry includes the mberry Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets and fresh miracle berries. The fresh miracle berries are not freeze dried or frozen fruits. They are always fresh. As for the mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets, they melt in your tongue easily and letsyou experience everything sweeter.

You can buy mberry tablets on

Have you tried having a food tasting party with mberry? Share your experience with us by leaving a comment below. You can also join us in our discussion on Facebook.

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