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Fruit Product Manufacturer: Nantucket Nectars

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Fruit Product Manufacturer: Nantucket NectarsNantucket Nectars began in 1989 by its founders Tom Scott and Tom First after they fiantioxidant-fruits.comshed college. They began by providing goods to boats at Nantucket harbor in Massachusetts  and branched out to make natural fruit juices with a tag line of “Real is Better”.

The all natural juice line has 5 flavors to choose from. Making their flavors unique, Nantucket Nectars mixes not just two but three flavors into one. There’s pineapple orange banana, pomegranate cherry, peach orange, premium orange juice and pressed apple juice as well as many more flavors.

Tom and Tom continuously promote how natural fruit juice is a healthy snack for everyone. Nantucket Nectars also has organic fruit snacks in 5 flavors. There’s banana mango carrot, orange pineapple mango, blueberry banana, concord grape and cloudy apple.

The fruit company also offers juice cocktails made with real sugar without the syrupy aftertaste. You can choose from 10 flavors. There’s also the squeezed juices which is reminiscent of your grandmother’s homemade lemonade.

With no additives, artificial coloring or flavors, Nantucket Nectars is as real as juice can be.

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