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Fruit Product Manufacturer: Odwalla

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Fruit Product Manufacturer: OdwallaOdwalla was a collaborative effort of 3 friends who shared 3 visions for the company. Those were to make great juice, do good things for the community and to build a business with a heart. Based in Dinuba, California, USA, the fruit company offers a healthy snack through its dried fruit snacks like nourishing food bars and fruit juices.

Their products are categorized into proteins, vitamins, energy, superfoods and antioxidants. The protein beverages feature soy milk and dairy. They come in a shake. Superfoods have special ingredients like plant sterols that are good for your heart. Energy drinks are combined fruit juice and puree. While the antioxidant line of beverages include whole grain fruit smoothie blend, soymilk drink, puree blend, lemonades and pure fruit juices.

Some featured fruits by Odwalla are apple, banana, black currant, blackberry, blueberry, cherry, chokeberry, coconut, cranberry, elderberry, grape, guava, lemon, lime, mango, orange, passion fruit, peach, pineapple, plum, pomegranate, prickly pear, raspberry, strawberry and wildberry.

These fruits undergo flash pasteurization to further preserve their nutrients before they are bottled. Afterwards, they are stored in a cooler and delivered, fresh and cool to your neighborhood stores.

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Wednesday 3rd of August 2011

I recently been enjoying your antioxidant drink. today I noticed a brown color, rather than the usual green. The taste was a bit different also. Is this normal? The expiration date is Aug 27 2011.

Thank you for your time.