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Fruit Product Manufacturer: Oh! Nuts

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Fruit Product Manufacturer: Oh! NutsAlthough its name connotes the company offers nuts and seeds, Oh! Nuts actually offers more. Based in Brooklyn, New York, USA, the company began its operations in 1992 – started by the Klein family. Its humble beginantioxidant-fruits.comngs were rooted in a wholesale store for nuts and confectionary items.

From there, Oh! Nuts ventured to dried fruit snacks that comes in different varieties such as chocolate covered dried fruit, snack packs and even dried fruit baskets and trays. Some of the fruits they offer are plums, kiwi, peaches, cantaloupes, coconuts, prunes, guavas, goji berries and papaya.

They also offer snack mixes. This meant mixing dried fruit with jelly beans, nuts and granola. Guaranteed to be a healthy snack you would like having every time, Oh! Nuts also offers gourmet products like Coconut and Mango fruit shell sorbet desserts.

Oh! Nuts prides itself on offering various products that are low in cholesterol, sodium, sugar, fat, carb and calories. They offer items high in protein and fiber to keep you healthy and fit. Aside from this, they also have allergen-conscious products that are egg free, gluten free or vegetarian.

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Tuesday 12th of April 2011

This sounds great... thanks for posting!