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Fruit Product Manufacturer: Peter Rabbit Organics

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peter rabbit organics strawberry and banana pure fruit snacks

Nowadays, we are living in a toxic world. Free radicals enter our bodies and cause diseases. These free radicals are compounded by the food we eat and things we drink. What a better way, then, it is, but to shift to something organic and home-grown foods to nourish our bodies. Peter Rabbit Organics offer 100% organic fruits as delicious snacks for all.

A privately-owned small company, Peter Rabbit Organics is based in London. The people behind it started the company with the purpose of providing a healthy alternative on the market.

Peter Rabbit Organics fruit snacks are tasty and at the same time nutritious. They packed in squeezable pouches that are BPA-free. The products can be eaten by babies as young as 6 months old. They’re easy to pack, making it a wonderful snack to bring along with you for hiking, camping or simply anywhere.

There are three flavors you can choose from. Strawberry and banana, apple and grape and mango, banana and orange.  They sell for $16.50 in packs of 10 on

There are no added sugar or preservatives. The Peter Rabbit Organics fruit pouches are mainly sourced from organic fruits and are certified USDA Organic.

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