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Fruit Product Manufacturer: Revolution Foods

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Fruit Product Manufacturer: Revolution FoodsNowadays, eating healthy for your family means you need to find food that will appeal to their taste buds. Revolution Foods is a company dedicated on serving organic fruit snacks to children that are packaged to be eye-catching and kid-friendly. With a mission of making healthy food available to children at schools, they have 5 products you can choose from.

These are organic Raisins, organic PopAlongs, organic Jammy Sammy, organic Grammy Sammy and organic Mashups. The raisins are in a box that you can easily slip into a lunchbox. Instead of greasy chips, the PopAlongs are made of corn, oats and rice that comes in flavors of cinnamon, cheese and original blend. Your classic sandwiches can be found in the Jammy Sammy bars (PB & Strawberry, PB & Grape, Apple Cinnamon and Oatmeal). Yogurt in between graham crackers is what Grammy Sammy is all about. There’s also the fruit puree pouches of Mashups that come in grape, berry, tropical and strawberry-banana flavors.

Pure organic and with no artificial flavors, Revolution Foods is here to revolutionize your kids’ lunchboxes through its products. The company also has a  School Lunch Program, where 3% of net revenue is allocated on supplying healthy food to underserved schools.

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