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Fruit Product Manufacturer: Sensible Foods

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Fruit Product Manufacturer: Sensible FoodsWhen it comes to dried fruit snacks, Sensible Foods gives you the ideal ready to munch, easy to carry snack treats. With too many harmful ingredients found in processed chips and other type of snacks, the Crunch Dried Fruit Snacks from Sensible Foods offers you a healthy and tasty alternative.

With zero fat, no gluten and GMO free, 1 bag equals to 1/2 cup serving of fruit! It is the perfect snack for kids and adults and even those with allergies. It is safe for people who are sensitive to any artificial colors, flavors, additives or contaminants because there’s none of those in each product.

The removal of water from the fruit only intensifies the fruit’s natural flavor and retains all its nutrients. Sensible Foods also offers organic fruit snacks with its Organic Crunch Dried Fruit line.  You can check out their product line and even buy their products online through

You can choose from flavors like Apple Harvest, Cherry Berry, Tropical Blend, Orchard Blend, Strawberry-Banana and Fuiji Apple. You can bring them for lunch, on road trips and for camping. They also make great toppings for ice cream, cereal, oatmeal and yogurt.

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