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Fruit That Could Save Your Life

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Concord GrapesFruit That Could Save Your Life

We all have heard for years that eating your fruits and veggies is a necessity.  Certainly, you are aware of that necessity if you have ever been constipated from eating too much bad food.  A little fiber from fruits and veggies will set you straight!  And your digestive system isn’t the only thing that is aided when you eat a proper diet.  Here are a couple of fruits that if you eat a few times a week, just might save your life.

Grapes:  Need a healthy dose of vitamin C and potassium?  No problem.  Grapes to the rescue.  If you know anything about antioxidants then you know the darker the skin of a fruit, the more dense it is in antioxidants.  The polyphenols found in the skin of a grape have tremendous health benefits and the carotenoid hycopene of red grapes helps to fight breast and prostate cancer.

Fruit that Ends with “berry”:  Surely, you know a lot of fruit that ends in”berry”.  In fact, usually fruits are paired with berries, “fruits and berries” is often how you see it.  Some examples are: the blueberry, the elderberry, the strawberry, etc.  Berries, because they are so rich in color, are loaded with antioxidants.

Fruit, because of the fiber and antioxidants that they offer, are excellent for detoxifying the system.

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