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Fruits for 2010

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Although it seems silly to talk about fruits for 2010, it is also appropriate as everyone seems to be covering what the top foods are for 2010.  As a fruit website, we thought we’d cover the top fruits for 2010!

Whether you are dieting or just trying to eat more healthy in 2010, then there is no doubt that you want to include a  number of different fruits in your diet.  Antioxidant fruits provide vitamins, minerals and fiber.  In addition to these essential nutrients, they also have disease fighting compounds. 

Disease Fighting Compounds in Fruit:

When you choose fruits for 2010, you have a reduced risk of diabetes, chronic medical conditions, like diabetes, high cholestrol and high blood pressure.  Also, regular consumption of fruit reduces your risk for heart disease, strokes and certain types of cancer.

Fruits are easy to come by in your grocery store.  If they aren’t in season, sometimes you can find them in your freezer section.  Or you can always wait until they are in season and them freeze them so that you can have them when they are not in season.

Since fruit is easy to prepare, it shouldn’t be terribly difficult to incorporate it into your diet.  You can serve it raw, blended, baked or grilled.  It is the perfect compliment to a yogurt snack or for a topping on your favorite ice cream or cereal. 

Tell us how you will incorporate fruit in your diet for 2010 by leaving a comment below.

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