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Fruits of Winter

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Fruits of WinterWith each season, there are certain fruits that shine more than the rest. This winter, the citrus fruits are coming out with nutrients blazing to give you healthy treats and snack. More so, you can even try these fruits on meals with rice or with salads.

  • Pears– They are one of those fruits that has been around for nearly four thousand years. High in Vitamin C, folate and fiber, they are also fat-free, cholesterol-free and sodium-free. Best eaten with its peel on since Vitamin C is found on its skin.
  • Oranges- With the same nutrients packed in as with pears, the best oranges are those which are heavy for its size, has a firm and smooth skin and with a healthy color. They make excellent additions to cooked dishes as well as desserts.
  • Pineapples– Saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium have no place in pineapples. Pick fruits that have dark green leaves and a strong smell to get most of the Vitamin C and fiber nutrients. Disregard pineapples with dark or soft spots and have dry looking leaves.

Do you know of other fruits best eaten during winter? Leave us a comment below or join us in our discussion on Facebook.

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