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Fruits to Boost Your Sex Drive

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Fruits to Boost Your Sex DriveFruits to Boost Your Sex Drive

When the word “aphrodisiac” crosses the mind, one would normally end up thinking of how to perk up your sex drive or sexual appetite. There are quite a number of fruits that can boost your libido and to name a few; the banana, the avocado and the borojo fruit. They are believed to be potent love potions based on folklore and due to the effects that they manifest after consumed.

The banana aside from its appearance which resembles the male genitalia is a good source of good source of glucose that converts to energy. After a physical activity, a couple of bananas could get you back on your feet.

The avocado as well is marked to have such erotic properties. Named by the Aztecs as Alhuacuatl or the testicle tree, it is a source of sexual nutrients such as Vitamin E, beta carotene, magnesium and potassium which could enhance and maintain beauty in men and women.

The borojo fruit provides protein, Vitamins, high minerals and regulates the blood pressure, sugar equilibrium and increases sexual potency. The fruit is packed with fructose and glucose, essential amino acids, zinc and high protein.

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